• The Corporate Banking Division offers one-stop solutions and integrated corporate banking services for listed and selected non listed large corporations.
  • Relationships are driven by
    • Capital raising and structuring capability
    • Multi product cross selling potential
    • International expansion, especially in South Eastern Europe.
  • Client focused teams bring together the right combination of industry, market, regional and product expertise and are committed to meet in a fast and efficient manner client needs ranging from day to day banking practice to strategic growth.

Value added services to transform your business

  • We provide Commercial Banking, Risk Management, Debt Capital Raising and Other Financial services whereas we work closely with the Group’s Investment Banking platform to offer creative and customized solutions in Financial Advisory and Capital Markets.
    • Commercial Banking Services
    • Risk Management
    • Debt Capital Raising
    • Other Products and Services
    • Investment Banking Services

Commercial Banking Services

Our clients count on us for personalized and fast delivery in a wide spectrum of commercial banking products and services. We offer:

  • Treasury Services
    • Collections & Investments
    • Payments
    • Payroll
    • eBanking
    • FX
  • Short Term Financing
    • Working Capital Financing
    • Trade Financing
  • Issuance Letters of Guarantee and Letters of Credit

Risk Management

Working closely with our Treasury Department, we offer to our clients tailor made solutions to assist them hedge against the currency and interest rate risk they face in today’s volatile global environment

  • FX Forwards and FRAs
  • Options (FX, interest rate)
  • Swaps (FX , Interest Rate, Cross Currency Interest Rate)
  • Synthetics

Debt Capital Raising

Corporations rely on the expertise, experience and innovative approach of our teams, to achieve their debt capital raising goals according to their financial strategy. We offer:

  • Long Term Bilateral and Syndicated Financing
    • Loans
    • Bonds
    • Convertibles and Exchangeables
  • Acquisition Financing
  • Real Estate Financing (commercial and residential)
  • Project Financing

Other Products and Services

Marfin Group of companies provide our clients with additional products and services in order to cover their needs

  • Factoring
  • Leasing
  • Corporate Credit Cards
  • Insurance Services
  • Custody Services
  • Securities Trading

Investment Banking Services

Our clients trust Marfin as their source for Mergers and Aquisitions advice, Capital raising and Restructuring solutions. Being a team with our Investment Banking platform, we work with the CEOs and the strategists of our clients to design and develop long term fiancial strategies.

  • Financial Advisory (Mergers and Acquisitions)
  • Capital Markets
  • Restructuring

For further information please visit the Investment Banking Section


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